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Posted: Jun 03, 2015

Source: The Toronto Star

Cannabis Clinics Requesting 'Kickbacks'

In the wake of the new MMPR system many specialized Cannabis clinics have sprouted across Canada in efforts to increase Cannabis knowledge and prescribe the medicine.

In recent events, Tilray (British Columbia), one of Canada's largest Medical Cannabis producers have voiced concerns about doctors and specialized clinics requesting 'kickbacks' in exchange for sending them patients. A practice Tilray and other MMPR Licensed Producers including, Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. (British Columbia) and CanniMed (Saskatchewan), call unethical and a violation of medical standards.

A number of provincial colleges of physicians, including Ontario and British Columbia have strict rules prohibiting the acceptance of any fee from pharmaceutical companies or licensed Cannabis producers linked to the writing of prescriptions. These actions are linked to a conflict of interest with doctors and medical practitioners. Rules under the Ontario Medicine Act state doctors are prohibited from receiving any benefit for referring patients.

As per the MMPR regulations patient prescriptions must be renewed annually. Tilray CEO, Greg Engel, has commented that Tilray has lost a number of patients who had been purchasing Cannabis products from them over the last year due to their doctor not renewing their prescription with Tilray but would renew their prescription with another licensed producer.

Mr. Engel believes this is not the way Health Canada envisioned the process when creating the MMPR system.

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